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Welcome to the friendliest and funniest Android blog on the Internet!

I am Olga and I am an Android geek. I am a big fan of Android and my biggest hobby is to discover cool Android tips and tricks, learn about great Android apps, write easy-to-follow tutorials and review gadgets.

80% Of Mobile Devices Run Android

Not only does the majority of phones run Android, but  Android is also the most popular OS  on tablets and watches (where it’s known as Android Wear).  Android is soon going to be everywhere!

With such great popularity of this OS, there is clearly a need for a friendly and fun website all about Android.

MobileGuru.LOL is the Android blog you have been looking for.  Its purpose is to let you make the most of your Android device and have lots of fun in the process (the  “LOL” at the end of the blog URL isn’t there without a reason).

Are you ready to start? 🙂


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MobileGuru.LOL is an ongoing and constantly growing project (this is the most important project I’ve ever been involved into).

So far I have built the below eight sections (in the sections you will find links to more detailed articles and tutorials).

I update these sections regularly so make sure to come back often and check what’s new.

Android Apps

Android appsIn this section of my website you will find a lot of information about  Android apps (e.g. how to install and uninstall them from your Android device) .

You will also find the reviews of apps I find especially useful or fun.

If you are looking for some new great apps for your phone, tablet or watch, this is certainly the place to start!

Android Games

Android gamesAndroid phones have become so advanced that playing games on them is almost as cool as gaming  on a PC or console.

Unfortunately, a really huge number of games in Google Play sometimes makes it hard to find exactly the type of  game you are looking for.

Don’t worry! In this section, I will show you  only the best Android games which you simply cannot miss.

Android Wear

Android WearAndroid Wear has been revolutionizing the world of technology in the past two or three years.

The interest in Android Wear watches and Android Wear apps is growing very quickly. The most popular articles on my website are about Android Wear.

With that in mind, I created a section all about Android Wear and how to make the most of your Android Wear watch. You cannot miss this one!

Android Wear Apps

Android Wear appsThis section is also all about Android Wear. You will learn here how to effectively manage apps on your watch: how to install new apps, how to sync apps and so on.

Moreover, you will discover some of the best Android Wear apps out there (there are still not so many of them).

If you are an owner of an Android Wear watch or are thinking about buying one, this is a must-visit for you!

Android Problems

Android Problems and SolutionsEveryone from time to time experiences some problems with their Android phone or tablet. These problems are very often trivial and can be solved within seconds.

In this section you will discover all of the most common Android problems and solutions (quick, easy and to-the point).

You will never worry about your Android device again!

Android Tips And Tricks

Android Tips And TricksWhat would you say if I offered you tons of fun tips and tricks for your Android device?

Would you like to know how to disable built-in apps? How about learning how to install apps outside of Google Play?

No problem! You will learn all about it and more in the section with Android Tips and Tricks.

App Reviews

android-app-development-mobile-guruI am addicted to looking for and discovering new Android apps and games.

In this section you will find my own reviews of apps I find especially interesting, cool or unique. Note that I review only the apps I genuinely love and use on a daily basis, so you can be sure to find only the best of the best Android apps here.

Reviews of Gadgets

mobile-guru-reviewsI really love playing with and discovering the cool features of gadgets or devices that get into my hands!

In this section you will find the reviews of all the gadgets (mostly running gadgets) and devices that I bought myself or borrowed from my friends for tests.

Be careful because this list is quickly growing! 😛

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