Hi, I am Olga and welcome to my blog. I so am happy to see you here. Let me tell you more about what MobileGuru.LOL is and who I am.

What Is MobileGuru.LOL?

MobileGuru.LOL is both an informational and community fan blog for Android users, newbie Android developers, technology geeks and those who simply like gadgets.

The aim of my blog is to let you make the most of your mobile device (whether it’s a phone, tablet or watch) and have tons of fun in the process.


The sad truth is that most people aren’t aware of lots of great features their devices offer. They don’t have the faintest idea how their device can help them improve their life or productivity.

With that in mind, I noticed there was a clear need for a niche website where regular users of technology would learn how to make the most of it in their daily lives.

The site is quite new (I set it up in December 2015), but I am growing and developing it quite quickly, so you can expect a lot of fresh content each week (I usually create 5-7 new articles each week).

Here are some of the things you will find on the blog in its different sections:

  • BLOG: The collection of all the blog posts from the newest to the oldest one.
  • INFO: In the info section you will find links to informational web pages, such as, Contact, Advertise or Newsletter.
  • APPS:  In this section you will find links to web pages about Android apps, games and Android app development. These pages links to lots of posts  or articles with much more detailed and specific information.
  • ANDROID WEAR:  Owner of a smartwatch? Awesome! This is a very quickly growing section all about Android Wear devices, Android Wear apps and much more.
  • TIPS AND TRICKS: Hungry for more? Great! Take a look at tens of most useful Android tips and tricks that will let you make the most of your Android device.
  • PROBLEMS:  In the section about Android problems we are exploring and solving the most important problems with Android devices.

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