How To Update Apps On Android (Tutorial)

A short guide where you will learn how to update apps on Android (and keep your phone more secure). 

One of the very important topics (which also relates to the security of your phone) is keeping the apps you have on your phone always up-to-date. Today I will show you how to update apps on your Android device (whether it’s a tablet or a phone) with the use of the Google Play app.

Keeping both the apps installed on your phone and Android OS is extremely important, so I suggest you don’t skip this tutorial or the tutorial on updating Android OS. It’s for your own good.

Getting Started

I assume that you are a regular user of an Android device and you meet the following criteria:

  • How To Update Apps On AndroidYou own either an Android phone or tablet with at least Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • You correctly added the Google account to your Android device.
  • You use Google Play as you main app store (we will be using Google Play for this tutorial).
  • Your device is connected to the Internet (preferably both over Wi-Fi and mobile data).

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can move to the next point where I show you exactly what to do to update apps installed on your phone.

How To Update Apps On Android (Step By Step)

Updating apps on Android is actually very easy. In most cases (if you don’t change any settings), your phone will automatically update apps installed on it if it’s connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Here is all you need to do to make sure apps are up-

  1. Open the Play Store (you will find it either in the app grid or on one of panels) and swipe right when in the main screen (the settings menu will appear). If you use Google+, you will see your photo and breadcrumb of your profile as well.How To Update Apps On Android (Using Google Play)
  2. Next, choose My apps & games under Apps & Games. You will now see the list of apps installed on your device. On the top of the list there will be apps which need to be updated.How To Update Apps On Android
  3. You can either update all of these apps (by hitting UPDATE ALL) or just the specific one (click on it and then choose UPDATE).android-how-to-update-apps
  4. Once you hit UPDATE ALL the apps will start to update and you will see their progress. Make sure that you run the manual update when you are connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi or you have an unlimited data plan (updates may sometimes weigh a lot).How To Update Apps On Android
  5. Once the updates have been finished, you will see the list of the apps recently updated under Recently updated and the list of apps which don’t need updates under Up to date.How To Update Apps On Android

Managing  App Updates

Your phone will by default check for app updates (even when it’s connected to a mobile network) and notify you if there are any. Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will install app updates. Here is how you can adjust these settings to your needs:

  1. Open the Play Store and swipe right when in the main screen (the settings menu will appear). This time you need to swipe down and choose Settings.How To Update Apps On Android
  2. Click on Auto-update apps under General. You can now choose if you want to update apps at any time (including when you are using a mobile network), over Wi-Fi only or not update them at all (not recommended).How To Update Apps On Android

    As updates may sometimes be really big files (even more than on 1GB), I recommend you only update apps over Wi-Fi (assuming you use Wi-Fi).

  3. I also suggest you check both fields under Notifications so that you always know when new updates are available or if apps have been updated.How To Update Apps On Android

Share Your Thoughts

Did you manage to successfully update apps on your Android device? Did you have any problems? Do you update apps only over Wi-Fi or also using a mobile network?

Feel free to share your thoughts. You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or contact me directly. I would love to hear from you. Only you can help my website grow.

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