DAY 4: Thoughts On My Learning Android App Development

On day four of my journey of learning Android app development (yesterday) I continued learning about ViewGroups (click to learn more) and specifically learned about one type of them, that is, LinearLayout. Anyway, it’s Sunday today (and it’s so sunny here) that I feel like creating a more philosophical post.

After my  20-km morning run I realized that it’s been almost a week sice I made a decision to become an Android app developer and I have already come to some conclusions and made some observations.  Some of these observations came to me spontaneously while others were generated while I was running. In today’s post I will share all of them with you and come back to actual learning tomorrow.

I Have Finally Found What I Was Looking For

This is probably the best conclusion I have finally come to. For the last four years I have been working in the IT field. At first I was doing my own projects (which gave me a lot of experience) to later start a regular job in this industry.

Anyway, from the moment I started to seriously engage myself in this field of Internet marketing and website creation, I knew what my biggest dream was and would always be. You know what it was? To have a website or a blog which you let me live the life I always wanted to lead. The life of freedom, independence and constant learning.

From that time I created many different websites. Some of them were totally nonsense websites which I took down after a few weeks. However, three of them were quite successful and let me gain at least some level of independence.  It happened that all of them are about Android, mobile devices and technology.

Writing about technology and gadgets is great but I always wanted to go deeper and feel that I am moving forward and making progress. Learning programming was also on my dream list.

In December 2015 I decided to make use of all the experience and knowledge I had gained throughout these years and create my “final” website which happens to be MobileGuru.LOL.

In the first three months of existence of the blog I created more than 50 posts which started to bring some organic traffic. As learning to program and having a successful blog were my two biggest dreams, I decided to combine these two and spin MobileGuru.LOL in a slightly new direction. You know what I am taking about!

My blog is now not only a technology blog where I talk about gadets but also my personal (and public) diary of my journey of learning Android app development.

This way I will simultaneously create a successful blog (with tons of useful content for others) and learn programming (and have detailed documentation of the whole progress). This is what I have always been looking for! 🙂

Learning Android App Development Won’t Be Easy

I guess this is the conclusion everyone comes to once they delve deeper into programming and start to discover how much they don’t know and have yet to learn.

I am still at the very beginning of this road and already see how much there is to learn. I know that the knowledge of Java is essential if you want to be an Android developer and I don’t have any knowledge and experience with Java whatsoever.

However, I have already gained a lot of materials and resources for learning Android with absolutely no previous experience.

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Building A Blog On Android App Development Will Help Me A Lot

I am this type of a person who needs to make notes while learning to better memorize things. I cannot really imagine learning without a pen in my hand (or a keyboard and my laptop).

With my project of creating an extremely successful blog and describing my journey of learning Android app development, I simply have to take notes (create posts) all the time. I have only created four posts on app development so far but I feel I have already learned so much.  I perfectly remember everything I wrote about.

Online notes in the form of a blog seem to be a perfect solution for me.

I Need To Put On Blinders & Filters

We live in the information age, which means that we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of information from all sides. It’s impossible to process all of this information.

The same, unfortunately, applies to the amount of information available on a given topic on the Internet. If you type “Android app development” into Google, you will find millions of websites, courses and books trying to win your attention. It’s easy to go crazy!

What I am going to do for the nearest months to come (if not years) is focus on one thing: learning Android app development and documenting it on my blog. I will only learn from the websites, books and courses I chose at the beginning and I will study one thing at a time (one course or one book before moving to the next one).

The only reference material I will use will be the official Android Developers website. It’s easy to drown but I am not going  to!

Determination & Self-Discipline Are Crucial

Just like with any type of a project or goal, success is possible only with lots of determination and self-discipline. I am sure there is a lot of room for improvement for me regarding self-discipline and I am working hard on it.

I am a very energetic person and it’s often very difficult for me to remain focused for a longer period of time. I have introduced (with more or less success) the following improvements:

  • WORKING ONLY IN THE MORNING. I can fully focus only in the morning, so some of the time I work in the morning.
  • GETTING UP AT 5 AM. Sometimes it’s quite difficult for me to get up this early but if I do my productivity and creativeness are  extremely high.
  • USING CLEAR FOCUS APP. This is the app that will help you remain focued for a certain period of time. You set how much you want to work and how long you break will take. The app suggests working in 25-minute chunks.
  • TURNING ON DO NOT DISTURB IN MY PHONE. I make use of the Android Marshmallow feature called Do Not Disturb Mode thanks to which no one can disturb me while I am working.
  • HAVING CLEAR AND WRITTEN GOALS. It’s crucial that you write down all the most important goals you want to achieve. I try to review them every day just before I begin working on MobileGuru.LOL.

Thinking That “It’s Too Late For Me” Is Stupid

This is something I thought just for a second and fortunately realized how stupid it is. It may be a bit discouraging that it will probably take me a few years to learn app development and grow this blog to the size I want it to grow.

However, here is an important revelation:  this TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY. Whether I do what I planned to do or I don’t it, in three years it will be 2019. At that time  I may be an experienced Android developer (and successful blogger there) or still be in the place I am today (a person with almost no knowledge of programming). The choice is mine and I have already made it!

I suggest you do the same and never think “it’s too late” because it’s never too late to pursue your dream. 

Share Your Thoughts

These are my conclusions and observations for now. Do you agree or disagree with them? Would you like to add something? Do you have more experience in Android app development and think I missed out some important point?

Feel free to share your thoughts using the comment box below or contact me directly. I would love to hear from you.

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