Hello, I Am A Junior Android Developer.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know that I am a great fan of Android and technology. So far I have been doing really a lot with Android, but most of it was from the viewpoint of an advanced Android user.

Two days ago I attended one of the biggest conferences for developers in Poland, 4Developers Festival. I must admit that during this event I somehow got inspired and decided to change a bit the future direction of my education and MobileGuru.LOL. I decided to become an Android developer and describe the whole process (step by step) here on my blog.

My Biggest Dream Is Coming True

The truth is that I have always wanted to be a professional developer. I know a bit of HTML, CSS and PHP. I know how to create and manage websites. I am an expert at SEO. I have been working in the IT industry for many years. I have been very successful.

However, I always wanted to be a professional developer, but I wasn’t sure which coding language I want to specialize it (I was learning PHP for some time but I didn’t absolutely fall in love with it).

Yesterday it finally dawned on me that it is going to be Android. This way I will be able to combine my passion for mobile technology and Android with my desire to become a professional developer.

What’s more, my journey of learning Android development will be an invaluable source of knowledge and advice for all the newbie Android developers.

I feel that’s the best decision I could have made.

Today my journey to becoming an Android developer begins.

Today my journey to becoming an Android developer begins.

MobileGuru.LOL Is Getting A New (Development) Section

Even though I learned a bit of programming in the past, I can say that I start at level zero and I am a complete beginner. I have never really programmed in Android, so I will start from complete basics.

Since my blog is about Android in 95%, I think it’s a brilliant idea to describe my journey to becoming a professional developer on it. I have just added a new section to the top menu. As you probably noticed I called it DEVELOPMENT.

In his section I will describe my progress with as much detail as possible. Each post will be one lesson where I will tell you exactly what I learned, what I struggled with, what materials I used and how I feel about my current progress. I hope to write at least one post a day.

I am sure that documenting my progress will:

  • be a great way for me to learn more effectively (and memorize more of what I have been learning)
  • become an invaluable source of knowledge, lessons and advice for everyone interested in Android development
  • spin my blog in the best direction possible (and help me achieve my goals)

Today I Become A Junior Android Developer

The decision has been made and today I officially become a junior Android developer working here at MobileGuru.LOL. 🙂

Tomorrow I will start describing and documenting my progress, which I plan to do (almost) every day. In my first post about Android development I will tell you how I plan my education,  what materials I am going to use for starters and share some of my more philosophical reflections.

Talk to you soon!

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