DAY 7: Is Learning Android Hard?

Since it’s the 7th day in a row of my journey of learning Android app development, this post will be a bit of a philosophical nature (again). Is learning Android app development hard? Can it be easy?

For the last week I have been playing with the basics, such as, types of Views, View Groups and how to style them. I also learned how to code and style Relative and Linear Layouts.  I have been playing with it enough to feel comfortable and ready to start doing the more serious stuff.

My main source of knowledge at this moment is the Udacity course Android Development for Beginners and tonight I will be installing Java and Android Studio on my computer. This is a milestone because tonight I will be preparing my professional Android development environment I will probably be using for the years to come.

Before I move on to the practical part, I will share my views and thoughts on the process of learning Android and whether it’s hard or easy.

Is Learning Android Hard Or Easy? It depends.

This is probably the question everyone asks before embarking on any type of a project or challenge. We want other people to ensure us that the project we are interested in will be easy and we will reap the benefits in almost no time.

Even though I don’t have much experience strictly in programming, I think the patters and the mechanics behind the potential success or failure remain the same.

If you dream big and want to achieve great things, you have to do your best and be ready to make sacrifices.  If you do, any project will appear to you as easy and you will be heading towards success.

As you have probably guessed by now, this is the mindset I decided to adopt. I am reaching out for really great things (becoming a professional Android developer and building a highly-profitable Android blog), so I am ready and willing to give a lot (way more than most people would be willing to give for, initially, nothing).

If you are ready to do your best, be consistent and never give up, then, yes, learning Android will be easy and fun most of the time.

The Importance Of Taking One Step At A Time

What will ultimately kill almost any project is the feeling of tiredness and being overwhelmed. If you feel that there is just too much to learn and you are way too far behind, you will quickly lose motivation. You cannot let that happen because your project or challenge will die sooner than you think.

The only remedy of this situation (and recipe for success in almost anything) is to take just one step at a time. Learning Android development has so far been easy for me exactly because I take only one step at a time (not more).

What it means in practice is that when I am learning Android and studying new material, I focus only on one key concept for a moment, try to understand its big picture and totally ignore the rest. I don’t let other topics distract me until I feel I have exhausted and understand the topic I started with. What’s more, I decided to study not more than one topic a day (so that the feeling of exhaustion never comes).

For example, when I was learning about the Relative Layout, I did my best to understand and grasp its whole picture and mechanics behind it. I focused on doing the practical exercises correctly rather than exploring every single detail or term I found in the course. Attention to detail and curiosity are of course extremely important but it’s also quite easy to overdo with them and lose the main track.

3 Situations Where Learning Android App Development Is Hard

I once started learning Android development (in 2012) but unfortunately I gave up rather quickly to focus more on the user’s side of this OS. This was due to a number of different reasons but, at the end of the day, it all came down to me feeling that learning Android is too hard for me.

These are the three situations you have to guard yourself against:

If you want to learn all at once

Learning Android app development is a very long journey (that will take years to complete). If you start browsing reference materials (e.g. those on Google Developer website) and try to learn them all, you will kill both your creativity and motivation.

If you want to give up at the first hurdle

Even if you do it with passion and excitement, there may sometimes be some obstacles on the road or some seemingly unsolvable problems. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and be fed up if you come across some problem (especially in programming). All you need to do it take a deep breath, stop for a while and come back to the problem with fresh mind.

If you think it’s too late to start

This is probably the worst excuse you can come up with. If you say that it’s too late for something, you simply don’t want to do or achieve it.

There is one very important thing to realize at this point: the time will pass anyway (whether you complete your project or not) and it’s totally up to you where you will be in, say, two or five years’ time. 

Learning Android & Growing A Blog At The Same Time Is Certainly Not Easy

If I was only learning Android development (without building a blog at the same time), I would have much more time for strictly learning and I would probably learn more quickly. However, I set it as one of my top priorities to document my learning process and build a blog at the same time.

I know this way in theory may seem harder but I know that I am now only sowing the seeds of something much bigger than simply taking an online course on Android development and setting up a blog on WordPress. You know that too. 🙂

A Few Fresh Ideas To End Day 7

I thought I was not a night person but I am working at night third day in a row and it’s even not that hard (even though I was at work and did a killer workout at the stadium).

It’s all thanks to extremely high levels of motivation I have and tons of different ideas how to improve MobileGuru.LOL and make it more interesting and appealing to its readers. So many ideas are coming to my mind right now that I am starting to have a headache. It’s time to go to sleep as there are only 3 minutes left till tomorrow. Goodnight!

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