Hello guys! You probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything about my Android app development journey for some time (almost 10 days). That is because I finally got to the last section of the Udacity Android app development course where a bit more serious (at least for me :P) stuff began like the rules of object-oriented programming and a lot of practical exercises which for me sometimes seem quite difficult (and time-consuming). Nevertheless, I hope to finish the first Udacity course by end of May (as I will have four free days in May) and write a bigger summary of what I’ve learned.

I am very happy to receive more and more comments and private messages from you, so  I think this post and a small update on what’s going on with my app development is more than welcome.

Keep Learning More & More Advanced Stuff

I finally got to a bit more advanced topics, so my learning pace got a bit slower. I sometimes spend an hour or more trying to solve a very simple programming problem, so I usually don’t have the fresh material for a post on development after one learning session.

I’m really enjoying the Udacity course I am now completing and the plan by end of this year is to finish four Udacity Courses on Android app development. These are the ones I have chosen for myself:

I realize that this is a lot of material and I have a limited amount of time during weekdays for learning, so that’s the plan by end of this year.

Add Posts Whenever I Achieve Some Milestone In My Android App Development

I am giving up on my previous concept of adding a post every day with a short summary of what I have learned. This worked in the beginning when I was learning basic concepts in isolation. Now that I am doing more serious stuff it takes me much longer to cover one topic (and write a decent report from it).

That’s why from now on I will write a post on where I am in my Android app development journey  whenever I feel I have enough fresh and interesting material (I guess it will one once or twice a week and these posts will be longer that usual posts).

However, as you will read below, there are a lot of other concepts or topics I don’t know very well but which are necessary for me to progress with Android app development. The only way for me to succeed it to learn these things one after another.

Fortunately, there are tons of free courses related to programming and computer science on the Internet, so I really need to some time and a lot of dedicated to complete these courses.

Add All My Code To GitHub & Patch Up Gaps In My Knowledge

I have finally set up my GitHub account and I will be adding all my code there. For now all of my code will be in the form of gists (as I also need to take a course on How to Use Git and GitHub and before that Linux Command Line Basics).

As you can see there are a lot of gaps in my knowledge (I never really did more programming than just learning basic concepts) and I have to path them up one after another. 😛

I realize that it may take a bit longer than I previously planned (since I have a regular 5-9 job which I really love) but I believe that slower progress is better than no progress at all.

Keep Creating Regular Posts On Technology, Gadgets And Android

Even though I seriously got involved in becoming an Android developer and learning all I need to learn to become one, I am not giving up on creating regular technology posts for my blog. These posts are (at least now) the bread and butter of my blog and they bring the majority of organic traffic to it.

I will keep exploring new topics and writing tutorials, reviews or articles at least a couple of times a week. I am still aiming at producing one article per day but I don’t always manage to do that, which moves us to the next point.

Improving My Time Management & Focus

Apart from technology, Android and sports, I am also interested in self-development and have been reading & watching materials on it for a few years now. My favorite gurus of self-development are Steve Pavlina, Brian Tracy, Leo Gura and Willard Barth (with whom I even managed to get in direct touch on Facebook). Whenever I feel that my motivation and energy levels are decreasing, I instantly either read something one of my gurus wrote or watch their videos.

Even though my self-discipline isn’t at the lowest level in the world (I know what it is and I still manage to do  most of the tasks I plan every day) and I have clearly-set plans for the future, I very often feel that I simply could do so much more and could do it so much better.

Yesterday I read two brilliant post (by Steve Pavlina) which deal with exactly this: Do A Full Day’s Work in 90 Minutes and What to Do When You Are Falling  Behind. There two great things to learn in apply in everyone’s life (I am starting to apply them today):

  • Whatever you are doing, ask yourself if this is how your best would do it.
  • Work in 90-minute focus blocks during which you allow absolutely no distractions. To help me do that, I am using the ClearFocus app.

That’s it for now! See you soon! 🙂

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