MobileGuru.LOL Is 3 Months Old & GROWING

Hello guys!

Due to my stay in Warsaw over the weekend I didn’t manage to create this post exactly on the 9th of April (when MobileGuru.LOL turned three months). Anyways, I am doing this today and I have some interesting stats for you.

My blog finally started to seriously GROW, which means I have to keep on creating more and more great content for you.  Let’s delve a bit deeper.

MobileGuru.LOL In Google Analytics

I logged into Google Analytics today and was positively astonished. Yesterday was the best day for MobileGuru.LOL so far (there were 107 sessions and 83 organic visits).

Here is how Google Analytics looks like now (the data since December, i.e. the birth of Mobile Guru).

MobileGuru.LOL Traffic

This is the organic traffic since December 2015.

Note that these are the stats only for organic traffic, which makes me even happier.

Here are some other interesting stats from GA (since the birth of Mobile Guru.

  • 3741 sessions 
  • 2901 unique users
  • 6051 pageviews
  • An average session duration of 2 minutes

What’s interesting is that the majority of this traffic was brought by the three following (most popular) posts on the blog.

Does that mean I should focus on reviewing running gadgets and Android Wear? 🙂

MobileGuru.LOL In Google Search Console

The situation in Google Search Console also looks very promising and I can see an upward trend. Here is the screenshot from GSC.

MobileGuru.LOL traffic stats from Google Search Console

These are the stats from Google Search Console from the last 3 months.

Here are some other interesting stats I took from Google Search Console.

  • The blog was clicked (in SERPs) 1811 times.
  • It is displayed now for 999 unique keywords.
  • Its top four keywords are: android wear uninstall app, best android wear apps, uninstall android wear app and garmin forerunner 235 review.

I am very happy about these stats and feel even more motivated to keep on working and growing MobileGuru.LOL. What’s the best is the fact that I achieved all of this only by creating 100% authentic and original content based on my experience (I live by the rule that content is KING).

In the next post I will share with you my newest idea about how I will DEVELOP my blog (I got inspired at the 4Developers conference in Warsaw).

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