MobileGuru.LOL Is Six Months Old!

A short summary of a 6-month life of my blog. 

I am extremely happy to inform you that my most ambitious project, website MobileGuru.LOL, has just turned 6  months. Even though for a blog, it’s still a very young age (almost infancy), I am happy with the progress it’s made over this time. I am looking bright into the future! 🙂

Let me tell you in more detail how my website has been doing and what I am planning to do with in the foreseeable future. Let’s start!

Nicely Improved Traffic Stats

Just as I expected, the traffic is growing slowly but steadily. Each month it reaches a new milestone, which I am very happy about. Here is how the traffic stats look since the day of the birth of my blog:

As you can see, the trend is very promising and optimistic 🙂 There are at least a few things I am especially happy about and they are:

  • The number of unique visitors to my website has finally reached ten thousand.
  • The bounce rate lowered by 2% in comparison to the stats from last month.
  • There are lots of new visitors to my website every day.

These are the overall traffic stats. However, what I am mostly interested in is organic traffic (coming from search engines). In  this case stats also look very promising because almost 70% of all traffic to my website comes from Google:


This is quite a good result for a brand-new domain and absolutely no link building (I have only been creating valuable content throughout these 6 months). Below is the chart for the growth of organic traffic only:


These are still very small numbers but I think my website is still building the snowball which hasn’t started to roll yet. 🙂

Number Of Pages & Posts

I am also very happy with the amount of content I’ve managed to create during these six months. I have just checked and it’s:

  • 88 unique posts (together with this one)
  • 9 unique pages

This is overall almost 100 pages of content! I am planning to add at least another 100 by end of 2016 (keep your fingers crossed for me).

Small Website Structure Change

If you are a frequent visitor to my website, you probably noticed that there have been some changes in the top menu bar. At first the items from the menu were linked to the categories of posts, i.e. you clicked on a link and it displayed the grid with articles from a given category.

This wasn’t very intuitive and user-friendly, so I decided to change it. I am now building static webpages for all the items you can find in the top menu bar. So far I have built the following webpages:

I will soon build all of them.

Goals For The Future

My website is still very young and it’s only beginning to grow. I have a very long list of all the things I am going to create or implement on the website. Here is more or less what I am planning to do in the nearest two or three months:

  • Send the first issue of my newsletter (as soon as I have a decent number of subscribers)
  • Add a series of professionally recorded movies to my YouTube channel (I am now preparing the scenarios for these videos)
  • Turn all of the items from the top menu into static and content-rich webpages
  • Finish the second course on Android app development
  • Start thinking seriously about monetizing the website 🙂

P.S. You probably noticed that there haven’t been any new posts recently. That’s because I am now building these static webpages. As soon as I finish new posts will start to appear again. 

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