MobileGuru.LOL Is 5 Months Old & Growing Even Faster!

Hello guys! Another month of work on my biggest project passed, so it’s time to write a short summary of what is happening on MobileGuru.LOL and how my blog is growing. It’s 5 months old already. I must say I am very happy with its current direction and growth. I expect it to become my second “job” by end of 2016 at the latest.

Let’s see delve deeper into how it grew in the month of April.

A Slight Change Of Direction

If you are a frequent reader of MobileGuru.LOL (and I hope you are), you probably noticed that there has been a small change of direction of my blog over the last month.

Initially, I wanted MobileGuru.LOL to be a blog about technology, gadgets and tips about Android. About a month ago (exactly a month and one day) I decided to go a bit deeper and start learning Android app development to become an Android developer in the future.

To make my blog even more useful and content-rich, I decided to describe everything I learn about with as much detail as possible. This turned out to be a great way for me refresh my new knowledge and add even more useful content for my readers. It’s a brilliant way of combining my own professional development (work) with the development of my blog (hobby).

In section Android app development, you can watch my current progress in learning Android programming. There are already 16 posts on Android app development there.

I must say that in the last month there wasn’t a day (except for the marathon day and my small trip) without learning Android app development. I am so going to continue this trend.

Promising Statistics

I really like checking traffic stats of MobileGuru.LOL. For the last 5 months traffic has been steadily growing. I noticed that each month it rises a bit and continues atthis level by end of month to climb to another “peak” early each month.

There still hasn’t been any major increase (like by one or two thousand) but I am still waiting  for it to come. I know it’s still a bit too early.

This is how traffic (since the beginning) in Google Analytics looks like:

Traffic growth on MobileGuru.LOL

As you can see it’s nicely growing week by week. Here are some other interesting starts I took from GA (which will probably let me better define the next point below):

I guess the reason the traffic is growing is because over these 5 months I have created 76 unique posts. That’s a lot especially because I have a regular 9-5 job.  Since my decision to become an Android developer, I have been trying to create one post per day (and I am almost always successful).

Areas To Improve

Even though the overall trend is very nice and the blog is certainly growing (but it’s still an infant in fact), thanks to the above starts I clearly see the areas I plan to start improving as soon as possible. Here is what they are:

  • Lowering the bounce rate. If the traffic of a website is real (and it is in the case of my blog), then the only thing to do to lower the bounce rate is to make the site more interesting and appealing. To do that I will review all the past posts (look for typos and so on) and create better quality featured images (I know that their previews on the homepage don’t always fit into their desired dimensions and look messy).
  • Speeding up the growth of organic traffic. I happy with the growth but I am certainly going to work on this one too. The way I am going to achieve it is by producing even more valuable content (one post per day is an absolute minimum).
  • Introducing some website improvements. There are certainly some improvements and enhancements I should introduce regarding the website and its theme. For example, I am going to try to use the featured image at the beginning of the post with the parallax effect (like the one I used in this post for the first time).

Do you think that there is something else I should change or improve on MobileGuru.LOL? Feel free to leave me comments or contact me directly.

Goals For The Future

There are so many ideas in my head regarding the development of my blog that I don’t know where to start. However, one day is only 24 hours long, so I have to choose the most important goals and start implementing one after another.  The goals by the time MobileGuru.LOL is 6 months old are:

  • Adding a newsletter to starting building the list of subscribers.
  • Adding at least 30 new high quality posts (so that the whole number of posts on my blog is one hundred).
  • Finishing the first course of Android app development I am now completing.
  • Setting up my account on Github (I am thinking about taking a small course on that) and starting adding my code there.
  • Adding more posts about technology and gadgets (I need to somehow balance it with the posts on Android app development).
  • Finish reading book “Million Dollar Habits” by Brian Tracy and applying all the techniques from it to my life.
  • Cure myself from the post-marathon injuries 😛

These are the most important goals for the next month. I hope to realize all of them.

Back To Android App Development

As this post turned out to be much longer than I previously planned, there won’t be any post about app development today. I still have 1 hour and 20 minutes before I begin work so I am getting back to learning Android app development. See you tomorrow!

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