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Hello guys! This will be a very short article in which I want to simply break a piece of good news with you. In my last post on growth of MobileGuru.LOL I showed you some interesting (and very promising stats of my blog).

Today I want to show you how Google distinguished my blog.  No only is it on the first position on the first page but the fragment of the post is also displayed in the form of rich snippets. I must admit I am very happy to see it!  🙂

A Few Words About SEO Of MobileGuru.LOL

As an owner of four technology blogs (with quite decent traffic on them), I can say that I know a lot about search engine optimization and I won’t lie if I call myself an expert in SEO.

However, my SEO ideology is much different from what most SEO specialists believe in. Even though I worked in an SEO agency for some time, I completely disagree with most techniques such agencies use to bring traffic to websites. My SEO philosophy (or you can call is ideology if you like) is extremely simple:

  1. I don’t build any links. For me that’s spam and I hate it.
  2. I don’t leave any spammy comments on forums or on Facebook (and post as a fan page).
  3. I truly believe that content is the KING and it should be of the best quality possible.
  4. I do believe that on-site SEO makes sense but only if it’s done with common sense. I believe the purpose of on-site SEO is to let the search engine know what each web page is about (but only to signal it, not “scream”).
  5. The only tools I use for SEO are: Google Analytics, the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, Keyword Tool and Google Search Console.
  6. I answer comments and messages from my visitors (unfortunately there aren’t many of them on MobileGuru.LOL yet).

That’s all I do and traffic keeps growing.

What Rich Snippets Are

You probably noticed that when you sometimes type some phrase into Google, it shows you what you are looking for directly in search results (you don’t have go to the website for the answer you are looking for). These are rich snippets and they may take many different forms and display:

  • information and price about a certain product
  • information about a celebrity (e.g. basic information from Wikipedia)
  • a video in search results
  • information about an event you are looking for
  • fragments of a web page with relevant information.

In the case of my blog it’s the last scenario.

My Post Displayed Directly In Search Results

You are probably wondering what I did to create rich snippets for MobileGuru.LOL. The truth is I did completely nothing. All I do  is simple abide by my SEO philosophy and that’s it. Google simply decided that one of my articles is valuable enough to be displayed in the form of rich snippets.

Are you wondering which article is it? That the article: How To Uninstall Apps From Android Wear. And here is how it looks in SERPs.

How to Create Rich Snippets

The best thing about it is that my article is even displayed above the Google Support website with instructions on how to manage storage on Android Wear. This case proves for me that Google really cares about displaying the most relevant results (even if it means displaying a small niche blog on top).

What are your thoughts? Is your blog or website displayed in rich snippets? Feel free to leave me your comments in the comment box below or contact me directly.

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